Making people think, feel and act differently.

An independent multi-sector communications consultancy, founded by senior agency practitioners.

Journalists and stakeholders are busier, harder to please and less receptive than at any other time and employees, consumers and partners are often cynical
by default.

We overcome this by building intelligent programmes that bind people in from the start.

This collaborative approach means creating content with, and for, audiences rather than talking at them and hoping they'll like what they hear.

The quality of a story isn't enough in today's communications landscape.


Our senior corporate communicators are unconstrained by restrictive structures larger agencies have in place. Being closer to our clients allows us to make more valuable contributions to their business.

  • Strategic planning
  • Programme development
  • Issues management
  • Change and internal communications
  • Provocation programmes
  • Proactive press office delivery


From the innovators, policy makers and healthcare professionals through to patients, we create and deliver insightful PR delivering the right information to take evidence- based decisions.

Our art is in aligning client communications with the priorities of the healthcare sector.

  • Market access strategies
  • Media relations
  • Regulatory and HTA approaches
  • Disease awareness
  • Patient advocacy
  • Issues management

How can we help?

Paul Davies

Managing Director, Corporate

Paul has helped some of the world's leading organisations to say less and mean more.

His expertise in commercial communications spans corporate reputation management, business-to-business
market development.

Pat Pearson

Managing Director, Healthcare

Pat has helped leading healthcare industries and organisations launch new treatments, build alliances and manage issues.

He has delivered award-winning campaigns and created high-profile initiatives on behalf
of his clients.

His experience covers product and corporate communications for the healthcare sector.

Our Clients

We are proud to represent some of the world's best known and most respected organisations across a diverse range of industries.



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