Livin’ la Riga loca

By Danielle Gadd - 9th December 2016

The firstlight team jetted to Riga last week, continuing our annual tradition of spreading Christmas cheer around the globe.

A thick blanket of snow greeted us wherever we set foot. We took a very cultured trip to the old castle in Sigulda and rather enjoyed the alpine forests (it all sort of looked like a postcard). We did also go down the less cultured avenue and ended up jumping into stretch limos and enjoying the classic drink of Latvia, Balsam (not sure what exactly went into it but it tasted like Christmas).

The most popular moment was the terrifying team Bobsleigh at Sigulda Olympic track, where the Latvian Olympic team had been training just hours earlier. We hurtled down in what was essentially a glorified dinghy, which probably didn’t meet all the appropriate health and safety standards.

(We still can’t quite believe that one)

Another corker was when “in the early hours and in the midst of a blizzard, the whole agency committed to a powerful rendition of ‘Wonderwall’ with the help of an unsuspecting Latvian street busker…”.

Sam’s favourite part was witnessing some of the firstlight love for Riga’s very own Depeche Mode bar – trust us it was definitely an experience, loved a little too much by some who missed the start of dinner because in their words they ‘Just can’t get enough’.

For Kristen, the best part was the hotel spa… (obviously)

For Eloise, it was the food

Tomas was a fan of the “lovely, lovely snow” (and Joe laughed at the stumbles and snow angels which ensued from it)

Grant’s ‘special’ moment was when he and Christian sang New York New York to a packed Latvian crowd (the rest of us had legged it)

Bernie’s was a Tuk-tuk home in the snow and sighting reindeers in santa hats (no animals were hurt in this process)

And mine? The run-in with the local authorities that one firstlighter (who shall not be named) had whilst planking on a prestigious monument!

All round it was a trip full of good company, questionable prowess on the karaoke and lots of wine.

So really what we are trying to say, in the words of Clement Clarke Moore is…

“Merry Christmas to All and to All a Goodnight”

Until next year!

PS: This blog has been censored

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