Meet our team

  • Senior Account Executive in the corporate team. Polyglot and occasional yogi, climber and baker.

    Sarah Bartlett

    Senior Account Executive

  • HR Manager at firstlight. Fan of tennis and holidays in the sun. Working across all aspects of HR.

    Stephanie Beard

    HR Manager

  • Director. More flâneur than cyclist (that needs to change).

    Sam Bevans


  • Director and pickled onion Monster Munch devotee. Clients include CitySprint, ILM and Standard Life Investments.

    Keir Bosley


  • Account Director, fitness fanatic and lover of hedgehogs. Clients include and DWF.

    Amelia Bullock-Muir

    Account Director

  • Director in the corporate team with a focus on clients in real estate and financial services. Still searching for a career in music.

    Justin St Clair-Charles


  • Account Director and serial tea drinker. Clients include LinkedIn, Standard Life Investments and Salon Services.

    Hannah Collett

    Account Director

  • Managing Director and firstlight founder. Proud Salopian, part time pogonophile and aspirant photographer.

    Paul Davies

    Managing Director

  • Account Director and fan of yoga, Doncaster and holiday planning. Working with Standard Life Investments, Klarna and JATO Dynamics. 

    Laura Eagar

    Account Director

  • Account Executive on the corporate team. Board game fan, massive foodie, travel lover, bookworm and born and bred Greek (yes, I speak it).

    Electra Gerolymbou

    Account Executive

  • Senior Account Executive with a love for all things American. Slightly less proud Salopian.

    Ursula Gore

    Senior Account Executive

  • Senior Account manager working across corporate clients including LinkedIn. Love of CrossFit balanced by a strong interest in anything pastry related.

    Lauren Hewitt

    Senior Account Manager

  • Office Manager at firstlight. Reality TV and cat lover. Ambition's to become the next Yoncé.

    Kelly Hurst

    Office Manager

  • Senior Account Manager, sun-seeker and compulsive doodler. Clients include LinkedIn, and Salon Services.

    Anna Lewis

    Senior Account Manager

  • Account Executive on the corporate team. Proud Brummie, avid skier and CJ Cregg wannabe.

    Beth McHugh

    Account Executive

  • Account Director on the Corporate team, water sports enthusiast and amateur baker. Clients include LinkedIn, CitySprint and ILM.

    Emma Popham

    Account Director

  • Director in the corporate team and former tropical island dweller. Clients include Firstsource and Criteo.

    Anna Price


  • Senior Account Manager, lover of chocolate, pasta and Manchester United (all at the same time).

    Martin Robinson

    Senior Account Manager

  • Account Executive in the corporate team. Passions include music, travelling and being disappointed by Charlton Athletic.

    Jack Rodgers

    Account Executive

  • Diet Coke loving, Game of Thrones obsessed Account Director on the corporate team. Clients include CitySprint, Firstsource and LInkedIn.

    Janelle Romano

    Account Director

  • Account Director in the firstlight corporate team. Pug aficionado, gastronome and occasional tap dancer.

    Sam Rowe

    Associate Director

  • Finance Director at firstlight. Chilterns hiker, test match cricket fanatic and unfortunately glued to the misery of watching Eastenders.

    Amrish Shah

    Finance Director

  • Buckinghamshire-born trivia fiend, literature nerd, and reality TV devotee who decided PR was a better career choice than the family farm

    Andrew Simmonds

    Account Executive

  • Remote working genius and supercool office robot by day, international superspy by night. Useless at tea-making and scared of doors and lifts.

    Jenkins Steel

    Office robot

  • Account Manager working across corporate clients. Northerner, bibliophile and Hawaiian pizza apologist.

    Chantal Swainston

    Account Manager

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