We're a team of brilliant generalists with a huge depth and breadth of experience.  

Over the last decade we have developed unrivalled expertise in some of the most disruptive and disrupted industrial sectors.

Marketing & Advertising

We work with some of the biggest and most innovative players in the digital marketing and ad tech industry.  Our clients include eBay Advertising, LinkedIn, and as well as major tech players like the Trade Desk, OpenX, Criteo and Phrasee.

Retail & E-commerce

If you work in retail you don’t need us to tell you that the pace of change is only accelerating.  Our clients span the retail sector which give us a privileged perspective into the challenges and opportunities faced by the wider ecosystem. 

This insight – gained through our work with retailers, shopping centre owners, online marketplaces, payments and logistics providers – highlight the need to demonstrate you’re looking over the horizon and making commerce more convenient.

Transport, Automotive & Logistics

Have we reached peak mobility, or can a combination of new technologies and forward-looking regulation unlock greater capacity? 

We are more reliant on increasingly complex transport networks to feed our fragmented supply chains, drive international trade and take ever-increasing numbers of passengers further and faster. 

We help clients across the transport, travel and logistics sector – whether regulator, supplier or operator – to articulate their vision and positively influence their operating environments.

Financial Services, Fintech & Insurance

From established global FS brands, to new fintech disruptors, we help our clients remain relevant in the face of enormous change and challenge in the sector. 

Whether that’s navigating the brave new world of open banking, launching a proposition in the market, or articulating a new corporate direction, the work we do is designed to enhance and protect the reputations of the brands we represent.

Real Estate

We understand the issues facing investors, developers, asset managers, industry associations and real estate consultants.  Against the backdrop of constant challenges from national and international regulation, local and national politics and the macro-economic environment, we combine our detailed sector knowledge with strategic communications to support our real estate clients in achieving their growth objectives.  

We have developed successful programmes to help clients attract third-party investment capital; close deals; secure planning; and launch new schemes.  And always to protect their reputations.

Professional Services & Law

The unknown impact of Brexit will doubtless bring about major changes to the legal, regulatory and economic frameworks that facilitate trade, underpin our rights and responsibilities, and ensure that business operates fairly and transparently. 

We help clients across the professional services and legal sectors - including DWF, Grant Thornton and DAC Beachcroft - position their firms as sector experts, talking not about the process of accountancy, consulting or the law, but about the issues shaping the landscapes of their clients. 

Doing so enables them to favourably shape their reputations and illuminate complex debates.

Workplace, Employment & Skills

From AI to the gig economy, there have never been more issues shaping the way we work today and the way the workplace will operate in future. Firstlight has an in-depth knowledge of the employment and skills agenda through our work with clients including LinkedIn, Quinyx and City & Guilds Group. 

Whether it’s helping businesses to attract and retain talent, highlighting what opportunities lie ahead for employees or campaigning for policy to shape the future of the workforce, we can help you develop impactful comms strategies and campaigns. 

Tech, Innovation & Disruption

You’re either a disruptor or you’re being disrupted. 

Yesterday’s titans are having to come to terms with unprecedented change and new entrants are having to evolve their strategies in near real time and deal with increasing levels of scrutiny from all sides. 

Navigating this change – whether architect or reluctant participant – requires a clearly articulated vision and a singleminded approach to communicating it. Whether that means inspiring shareholders, staff or regulators or selling a crucial change programme to your workforce.